SAP (FICO) Training

Duration : 2 Months or 4 Months | Certification : SAP Certification (Original)

Course Description

This course aims to develop skills in SAP accounting. SAP FICO module is very robust and covers almost all business process encountered in various industries. It is one of the very important and widely implemented modules in SAP. This course is designed for beginners as well as for intermediate learners.

Course Includes :

Hands-On Training
Live Projects
100% Placement Assistance

Course Duration :

3 Months/ 6 Months

Course Advantages

  • SAP Certification ( Original )
  • Online/Offline Facility Available
  • Latest syllabus and advanced lab facility
  • Excellent Placement Support

Course Features

  • SAP professionals are Highly sought after in IT Consulting Firms and MNC's across the Globe.
  • SAP has an enomorous Customer base of 3,45,000 spread across 190 Countries.
  • SAP Customers include : 87% of the Forbes Global 2000 Companies. 98% of the world's most valuable brands. 100% of the Dow Jones Top Scoring Sustainability Companies.
  • 76% of the world's transaction Revenue touches an SAP Software.

What you'll cover in this course

Introduction to ERP

  • What is ERP?
  • History and Evolution of ERP
  • ERP Benefits
  • ERP Disadvantages
  • ERP Implementation Methods
  • Successful Factors of ERP Implementation
  • Causes of ERP Failure

Introduction to SAP

  • What is SAP
  • What is SAP Business Suite
  • SAP ERP Functional and Technical Modules
  • Why SAP is leading in the ERP Market
  • Difference between ERP & ECC
  • SAP Implementation Process Steps

SAP R/3 Architecture

  • What is SAP R/3
  • Languages of SAP
  • Merits of SAP

SAP FI Module


  • SAP Organization Structure
  • Basic Settings in SAP FICO

Company Creation

  • Define Company
  • Define Company Code
  • Assign Company Code to Company
  • Define Fiscal Year Variant
  • Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Comapny Code
  • Define Posting Period Variant
  • Assign Posting Period Variant to Comapny Code
  • Open or Close Posting Period
  • Define Chart of Accounts
  • Assign Chart of Accounts to Company Code
  • Define Account Groups
  • Define Retained Earnings Account
  • Maintain Field Status Variant
  • Assign Field Status Variant to Comapny Code
  • Creation of Number Ranges
  • Document Spliting


  • Define Tolerance for General Ledger Accounts
  • Define Tolerance for Employees
  • Define Tolerance for Vendor and Customer

General Ledger

  • General Ledger Creation
  • General Ledger Posting
  • General Ledger Account Line Items
  • Document Reversal
  • Display Trial Balance
  • Display Document
  • General Ledger Balance

Accounting Documents

  • Sample Document
  • Hold Document
  • Park Document

Accounts Payable

  • How to Create a Vendor
  • How to Create a Vendor Account Group
  • Creation of Number Ranges for Vendor Account Group
  • Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Group
  • How to Changes Vendor Master
  • How to Block or Delete a Vendor
  • Create a Vendor Master Data
  • Purchase Invoice Posting
  • Purchase Returns(Vendor Credit Memo)
  • Outgoing Payments
  • Outgoing Partial Payments By Partial Payment Method
  • Outgoing Payment with Discount
  • Vendor Down Payments

Accounts Payment Program

  • Setup Company Code
  • Setup Paying Company Code
  • Setup Paying Method in Country
  • Paying Method in Company Code
  • House Bank
  • Check lot Creation
  • Bank Determination
  • Assign Payment Method to Vendor Account
  • Vendor Invoice
  • APP Run
  • Output Controller

Accounts Receivable

  • Creation of Customer Account Group
  • Creation of Number Ranges for Customer Account Group
  • Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Group
  • Creation of Customer Master Data
  • Change Customer Documents
  • How to Change Customer Master
  • How to Block or Delete Custmer
  • How to Post a Sales Invoice
  • How to Block or Delete Custmer
  • Sales Return (Customer Credit Memo)
  • How to Post Incoming Payments
  • Incoming Partial Payments By Partial Payment Method
  • Incoming Payments With Discount
  • Customer Down Payments


  • Dunning Area
  • Dunning Keys
  • Dunning Block Reasons
  • Dunning Procedure
  • Assign Dunning Procedure to Customer
  • Customer Invoice
  • Excecute Dunning
  • Output Controller

Down Payment

Document Parking

Document Reversal

Document Holding

Asset Accounting

SAP Controlling

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