Certifiacte in Desktop Publishing

Duration : 3 Months | Certification : SRC Certification

Course Description

Certificate in Desktop Publishing (CDTP) Course is a course where students learn to design pages for web and print publication. It plays a huge role in Graphic Designing.

Course Includes :

Hands-On Training
Live Projects
100% Placement Assistance

Course Duration :

  3 Months

Course Advantages

  • Govt. of India ( SRC ) approved certificate
  • Latest syllabus and advanced lab facility
  • Excellent Placement Support

Course Features

  • Desktop publishing software is used to create documents like leaflets, brochures and newsletters. Modern word processors have the basic features of DTP software but features such as templates and frames make DTP software better for complex page layouts .

What you'll cover in this course


  • Intorduction to Computers
  • Computer System
  • Working of Computer System
  • Devices of Computer System
  • Types of Software
  • Types of Computer Memory
  • Booting

Windows Basics

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Windows Operating System
  • Windows Basics and Computer Applications
  • Components of Windows

MS Word

  • Introduction to Word-Processing
  • Important Features of MS-Word
  • MS Word Tabs

Introduction to Adobe InDesign

  • Introduction
  • Learning Objetives
  • Setting up the Document
  • Toolbox
  • Organizing the Document
  • Inserting/Formatting Text
  • Type and Paragraph Menu
  • Using Colors
  • Working with Objects(Images,Graphics and elements)
  • Savings
  • Exporting to PDF
  • New Features in CS6

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

  • Learning Objectives
  • Getting Started
  • Interface Layout
  • Palettes
  • Toolbox
  • Color Boxes and Modes
  • Basic Image Editing

Introduction to CorelDraw

  • Introduction
  • Learning Objectives
  • Bitmap
  • Views(Modes)
  • Closing drawings and quiting CorelDraw
  • CorelDraw terms
  • Components of CorelDraw Enviornment
  • Exploring the Toolbox
  • How to make a logo with CorelDraw
  • How to Design a Broucher in CorelDraw

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