Diploma in Computer Application (DCA)

Duration : 6 Months | Certification : SRC Certification

Course Description

DCA (Diploma in Computer Applications) which covers all the basic needs of any office or govt.dept for data entry and office assistant jobs. The course content includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, InDesign, C Programming, and SQL.

Course Includes :

Hands-On Training
Live Projects
100% Placement Assistance

Course Duration :

  6 Months

Course Advantages

  • Certificate can be added to your PSC/UPSC profile.
  • Govt. of India ( SRC ) approved certificate
  • Latest syllabus and advanced lab facility
  • Excellent Placement Support

Course Features

  • A person who has completed DCA can apply as a computer operator in any firm. He or she can get placed at clerical levels like receptionist, computer operator or cyber cafe owner. He can also work at BPO. DCA diploma holder can execute basic computer tasks and can also become an Accountant.
  • Career Scope as Data Entry Operator, Office Assistant, Office Executive, Bank Clerks, BPO/Call Centers, Office Computer Operators.

What you'll cover in this course

Adobe InDesign & FUNDAMENTALS OF C++

  • Introduction to Adobe Indesign
  • Toolbox Overview
  • Set up and Organizing Document
  • Inserting and Formatting the Text
  • Introduction to C++
  • Learning objectives
  • Local Enviornment Setup
  • C++ Program Structure
  • Variables
  • C++ Basic Elements-Tokens
  • The Order of Precedence
  • Data Handling
  • Type Conversion
  • Input/Output
  • Flow of Control Statements


  • Introduction
  • MS-Excel Features
  • MS-Excel Tabs
  • MS-Powerpoint Creating New Presentation
  • MS-Powerpoint Tabs
  • Outline Tab and Slide Tab
  • Animation Menu
  • Sorter View


  • Introduction to MS-Access
  • Introduction to DBMS(Database Management Systems)
  • Relational Database
  • Creation of Database
  • Tables in MS-Access
  • Find and Replace
  • Sort Records
  • Table Relationships
  • Database Normalization
  • Referential Integrity
  • Queries and Filter
  • Form Creation
  • Reports


  • Introduction
  • Generation of Computers
  • Devices of Computer System
  • Types of Software
  • Types of Computer Memory
  • Storage Devices
  • Advantage of Computers
  • Types of Computers
  • Booting
  • Windows Basics
  • Intorduction to Windows Operating Systems
  • Windows Basics and Computer Applications
  • Components of Windows
  • Creating a New Folder or Folders
  • Copying,deleting and renaming files and folders
  • Linux Operating System
  • Components of Linux System
  • Basic Features of Linux
  • Word-Processing
  • Important Features of MS-WORD
  • MS-WORD Tabs


  • Introduction
  • World Wide Web
  • Internet and Intranet
  • Network Communication Technologies
  • Search Engine and Keywords
  • Security Threats
  • Social Communications Services

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