Advanced Excel

Certification : Advanced Excel- FISDI Certification

Advanced Excel skills include the ability to produce graphs and tables, use spreadsheets efficiently, and perform calculations and automation to process large volumes of data. With the rise of big data and data analytics, advanced Excel skills are a real asset both during the job hunt and everyday work tasks.

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Course Duration

  • Fast Track : 1 Month
  • Regular Course : 3 Months
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    Course Advantages

  • FISDI Certificate
  • Latest Syllabus and Advanced Lab Facility
  • Develop your Knowledge and Management Skills
  • Course Features

  • Excel provides a specialized toolkit enabling you to perform statistical modeling inside the popular spreadsheet program.
  • These kinds of diverse applications are exactly why Excel skills remain important in the job market.
  • The advanced Excel formulas involved in producing statistical models and performing advanced data analytics enable you to perform meaningful statistical analysis and produce useful models.
  • What you'll cover in this course

    Excel Introduction

    Using Basic Functions

    Mathematical Functions

    3D Formula

    Text Functions

    Date and Time Functions

    Advanced Paste Special Techniques

    Sorting and Filtering

    Lookup Functions

    VBA Macro