Data Entry

Certification : Data Entry - SRC,Govt.of India Certification

To provide an in-depth training in use of office automation, internet and internet tools. The course utilizes the Microsoft Office environment, which includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. This course also give the training on English & Malayalam Data Entry and Graphics Designing

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Course Duration

  • Fast Track : 1 Month
  • Regular Course : 3 Months
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    Course Advantages

  • SRC Govt Approved Certificate
  • Certificate is Eligible for Selection by Different Govt. bodies like Employment Exchange,PSC etc..
  • Online Verification Facility
  • Latest Syllabus and Advanced Lab Facility
  • Provide hands-on experience
  • Course Features

  • Learn best practices for entering data accurately and efficiently, which can help streamline workflow and reduce errors.
  • Acquire techniques and tips to improve typing speed and accuracy, allowing you to input data more quickly and with fewer mistakes.
  • Data entry skills are often listed as essential requirements in many job postings. Completing a data entry course can make you more competitive in the job market.
  • What you'll cover in this course

    IT/ITES Industry

    + -


    Scope of IT-ITES industry in India

    Companies providing jobs in IT-ITES Sector in India

    Data Entry and Job Role

    + -

    Job of Data Entry Operator

    Importance of Data Entry Operator

    Data Entry Skills


    Role of Data Entry Operator

    Key Responsibilities of Data Entry Operator

    Required Skills

    Computer Fundamentals

    + -


    Working of a Computer System


    Devices of Computer System

    Types of Software

    Types pf Computer Memory


    Windows Basics

    + -

    Introduction to Windows Operating System

    Windows Basics and Computer Applications

    Components of Windows

    Creating,Copying,Deleting and Renaming Files and Folders

    Keyboard familiarisation and Proper Posture for Typing

    + -

    Introduction to COmputer Keyboard

    Computer Tools

    Proper Posturre for Typing


    MS Word

    + -

    Introduction to MS-WORD

    Word Processing

    MS-WORD Tabs

    MS Excel

    + -

    Introduction to MS-EXCEL

    MS-EXCEL Tabs

    MS-EXCEL Features

    MS-EXCEL Formulas

    Typing Session From Typing Master Software

    + -


    Features of the Software

    Typing Master

    Home Row

    Top Row

    Bottom Row

    Number Row

    Typing Session - Malayalam

    + -


    Malayalam Unicode

    Malayalam Fonts

    Malyalam Keyboard

    Enable Malayalm in Windows


    + -


    The Most Common Components of the Inernet

    Accessing th Internet

    Difference Between Internet,Intranet and Extranet

    Search Engine and Keyboard


    + -


    Structure of a E-mail

    Steps to Create an Email Account